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  • By: Amin Hasan
  • Date: February 8, 2022
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What is Amazon SES?

As companies expand, it is not uncommon for them to no longer depend on experimental processes. An example is the way businesses handle outgoing emails sent by email clients. 

Unlike regular web-based emails, transactional emails comprise the monthly newsletter you send to customers or the reminders your app sends out to inform customers of a service issue.

Smaller businesses can utilize Google Gmail to queue up emails and plan emails with third-party applications. But this isn’t a good idea in the case of sending thousands of emails each month due to the difficulty of your infrastructure.

You can use Amazon SES, which stands for Simple Email Service. This service is intended to be used for company communications, web-based application transactional emails, and all other activities that involve sending emails to partners’ customers and internally.

Buy Amazon SES Account

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  • Access control based on role throughout the entire range of AWS products (IAM)
  • Complete, cross-service API audit logs along with security (CloudTrail)
  • Integration with different AWS Services (24×7 support and consolidating billing)
  • Architectural patterns and training (well designed)
  • Highly customizable receipt rules for receipts support an array of cases for use
  • Simple integration of other AWS services like EC2, Lambda
  • Content filtering technology and dedicated IP addresses along with a reputation-based dashboard
  • Sandbox is a test environment for email services
  • There are no minimum commitments. Pay only for the services you need

Amazon SES

Unlock the potential of email by using Amazon SES, a low-cost and easily scalable service that lets programmers directly send out mail through their programs. With various configurable accounts and authentication options, you can set up your Account to send transactional emails, marketing campaigns, or mass communications. There are no limitations! Sending analytics to analyze the results of every email sent while safeguarding the sender’s image. Test it today to ensure that you’ll never have a reason not to take advantage of this necessary tool for your business in the future.

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